Professional Licensure Information

Indiana Licensure Resources

Information is provided below for out-of-state licensed professionals desiring to volunteer within their area of professional practice.

Helpful resources can be found at the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency website.

  • Out-of-state physicians may obtain temporary medical permits by submitting an application for a Limited Scope Temporary Medical Permit.
  • The cost of the permit is $100 and it is good for 30 days.
  • The board advises that permits be obtained within 60 days of the event, after which they will hold applications and issue them within 30 days of the event.
  • The application process is very fast once the completed application and supporting documentation is received. Please submit applications no earlier than February 20th, 2020.
  • Physicians are required to include a current passport quality photo taken within the last eight weeks.
  • Physicians are also required to submit a notarized copy of their license in another state that shows their license number.
  • Physicians are also required to submit an either an official copy of their medical school transcript (transcripts must come directly from the school in an unopened envelope) OR a notarized copy of their medical diploma.
  • All copies must be submitted with a compulsory statement that “This is a true and correct copy of the said document.” Applications will not be processed without the accompanying statement.
  • Please include a letter stating that you will be volunteering with the Your Best Pathway to Health 3-day charitable event at the Lucas Oil Stadium, beginning on April 8th and request that your license be processed to allow for the 30-day window.
Please use the information below to fill out your forms:
Indiana licensure link for physicians:
Dentists & Hygienists
  • Dentists and Hygienists may obtain volunteer permits to practice at Pathway Indiana.
  • Once submitted and approved, the applications will remain valid for 60 days, so we are asking dental providers to begin the temporary license application by February 15th
  • Please ensure that applications are complete as failure to do so may risk not getting licensed in time for the event.
  • Please note that the instruction sheet attached to the temporary license application contains information specific to a prior charitable event held at the Indiana Fairgrounds in 2017.
  • Information about malpractice insurance provided by Pathway to Health will be emailed to dental professionals after completion of registration.
The dental professional’s point of contact is Dawn Lewis:
Link to Dental Licensure Form
  • More information to come.
  • As of July 2019, Indiana has passed legislation to participate in compact licensure agreements.
  • As of this date the state has NOT set a date for implementation.
  • Therefore, all nurses who wish to volunteer for Pathway Indiana must apply for full RN licensure.
  • IF you have a compact nursing license, please continue to monitor Indiana licensure.
  • Because there is a significant backlog in processing applications, nurses are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.
Indiana licensure links for nurses:
  • APRNS must apply for full RN licenses.
  • If the APRN has maintained national APRN certification they may serve as providers and do not have to fill out the Indiana APRN application.
  • Volunteer APRNs will NOT have prescriptive authority unless they complete the full APRN license application and the application for prescriptive authority application.
  • In addition, in order to receive prescriptive authority approval, the nurse would require the signature of a supervising physician and a practice location.
  • PTs and PTAs Must apply for full state licensure

Indiana licensure links for PTs and PTAs:

  • Pharmacists must apply for full licensure.

Indiana licensure links for pharmacy:

  • PAs must apply for full licensure

Indiana licensure links for PAs:

  • Must have active ARRT license in Diagnostic Radiology in the US. State licensure applications in the state/s you will volunteer may be required upon application.
  • Must have licensure by ARDMS. No state licensures are required for Ultrasound.
  • More information to come.
  • More information to come.
Please contact Dawn Lewis at 254-317-0381 or for questions regarding other licensed professionals not listed above.