Professional Licensure Information

Indiana Licensure Resources

Information is provided below for out-of-state licensed professionals desiring to volunteer within their area of professional practice.

Helpful resources can be found at the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency website.

  • Out-of-state physicians may obtain temporary medical permits by submitting an application for a Limited Scope Temporary Medical Permit.
  • The cost of the permit is $100 and it is good for 30 days.
  • The board advises that permits be obtained within 60 days of the event, after which they will hold applications and issue them within 30 days of the event.
  • The application process is very fast once the completed application and supporting documentation is received. Of course, per normal protocol, we will instruct volunteers to complete their applications as early as possible.
  • Physicians are required to submit an official copy of their medical school transcript and a notarized copy of their license. They may submit a notarized copy of their medical diploma in lieu of the transcript.
  • All copies must be submitted with a compulsory statement that “This is a true and correct copy of the said document.” Applications will not be processed without the accompanying statement.
Please use the information below to fill out your forms:
  • The Sponsoring Physician is _________. We will fill in his/her Indiana license # once we receive your completed application.
  • The physicians’ point of contact is Dawn Lewis. Email:; Phone number: 254-317-0381; Mailing address: Dawn Lewis c/o Suzanna Facundo 777 S. Burleson Blvd., Burleson, Texas 76028
  • Completed forms and CVs may be emailed to Dawn Lewis, Credentialing Coordinator at or faxed to 817-447-2443 Attn: Suzanna- Visiting Physician Licensure
Link to Licensure Form
Out-of-state dentists must submit an application for full licensure and also pass the state jurisprudence exam. More information to come.
Links to Licensure Forms
More information to come.
Indiana has recently enacted legislation to participate in compact license agreements. The process may take several month until full implementation. IF you have a compact nursing license, please continue to monitor Indiana licensure. More information coming.
Indiana licensure links for nurses:
  • More information to come.
  • Pharmacists must apply for full licensure.
  • PAs must apply for full licensure
  • Must have active ARRT license in Diagnostic Radiology in the US. State licensure applications in the state/s you will volunteer may be required upon application.
  • Must have licensure by ARDMS. No state licensures are required for Ultrasound.
  • More information to come.
  • More information to come.
Please contact Dawn Lewis at 254-317-0381 or for questions regarding other licensed professionals not listed above.