Professional Licensure Information

Arizona Licensure Resources

  • If you have been previously licensed in Arizona, please go directly to your Boards website to see if there are stipulations regarding your licensure.
  • Please apply early for Arizona State licensure if required for your field of expertise. This allows your license application time to be returned to you and verified by the Pathway to Health team prior to the date of the event.
  • All Licensure applications are requested to be sent in by October 1st, 2017.
  • If you have difficulty with a link or have licensure requirement questions, Please email:





  • When volunteering for less than 90 days. No Arizona licensure is required.

Dental Assistants:

Dental Hygienist:



  • If you have previously held any type of MD License or Permit in Arizona (including, but not limited to a full MD License, Locum Tenens Registration, Teaching License, Post Graduate Training Permit or Pro Bono Registration) you will be unable to utilize the online application at this time. Please use the Printable Application.

EKG Tech:

  • No certification required in Arizona



  • While documented experience is required, there are no licensure requirements in Arizona.

Medical Assistants:

  • CMA – No Arizona certification requested.

Nurse Practitioners:

  • Arizona allows for independent practice by Arizona licensed Nurse Practitioners. Board number 602-771-7800.


  • If NOT currently residing and licensed in a Compact State – Please click below to apply for licensure.
  • Please send application to Attention: Tran at the address on application.

Occupational Therapy:

Optometry / Vision Services:



  • California license holders should contact the Board first, prior to applying for licensure. Valerie Suwinski(602) 771-2727 or
  • Licensure registration information will be forthcoming for both Pharmacist and Pharmacy Tech positions. The Arizona Board is reviewing statute and will get back with us.

Physical Therapy:

  • Licensure registration information will be forthcoming for Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant positions.  The Arizona Board has reviewed statute and is developing volunteer application.  Check back in September for link or go to the Arizona Physical Therapy Board website for more information.

Physician’s Assistants:

  • Statute has been sent to the Arizona Board for review. Awaiting decision by the Physician Assistant Board of Arizona regarding PA-C Volunteer health services registration. It is on the PA Board Meeting agenda for August 30th.
  • New License


  •  Download Form (244.38 KB)Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-3217, a podiatrist, who is not licensed to practice in the state of Arizona, may apply for a volunteer health services registration for up to 14 days, each calendar year if he/she meets certain criteria.


Ultrasound – Arizona does not require Licensure/National certification is required

Echo – Arizona does not require Licensure/National certification is required

Respiratory Therapy:

Social Work:

Speech Pathology:

Sterile Processing: 

  • SPD – National Certification
  • CRCST – National Certification

Surgical Assistants:

  • CST – National Certification


  • When volunteering for less than 90 days. No Arizona licensure is required.