Professional Licensure Information

Texas Licensure Resources

Information is provided below for out-of-state licensed professionals desiring to volunteer within their area of professional practice.
The Texas Medical Board will grant a temporary permit to visiting physicians upon completion of the application and background check authorization forms submitted along with the physician’s CV.  All applicants must also upload a current copy of an active license to practice medicine within the 50 states to The board requests that the Visiting Physician’s application be submitted by the sponsoring physician along with a letter confirming responsibility.
Please use the information below to fill out your forms:
The Sponsoring Physician is Remedios Cabansag. We will fill in her Texas license # once we receive your completed application. The point of contact is Dawn Lewis – email:  Phone number: 254-317-0381  Mailing address: Dawn Lewis c/o Suzanna Facundo 777 S. Burleson Blvd., Burleson, Texas 76028
Completed forms and CVs may be emailed to Dawn Lewis, Credentialing Coordinator at or faxed to 817-447-2443 Attn: Suzanna- Visiting Physician Licensure
If you have submitted your application to the board previously, please notify me, Dawn Lewis, so that your application status may be monitored.
Dental Professionals
There is currently no provision for out of state hygienists to practice under a temporary permit.  We are awaiting final response from the board concerning any possibility of exceptions.
Good news for nurses! Thanks to some diligent inquiries by one of our volunteers, we were able to verify that Texas has a rule stating that any nurse licensed within the 50 states may practice in Texas for a period of not more than 72 hours.  Also, nurses who hold active compact or multistate licenses in 1 of the 29 states on the eNLC list are approved for practice under the multistate license. The eNLC 2018 chart is attached to this email.
Your status will be verified by YBPTH.  Please note that all licensed and verified nurses will be utilized within legal limits in various areas throughout the clinic.  Please submit all license documentation with your application for YBPTH. NOTE: APRN licenses do not qualify for compact state licensure nor the 72 hour rule, therefore APRNs from out of state will not be able to practice as midlevel providers during the clinic.
Physical Therapists/Occupational Therapists
The respective Texas licensing boards do not grant temporary licenses to any of the therapy professionals, however, professionals may work under a Texas licensed therapist who will sign any necessary paperwork. Unlicensed professionals are prohibited from independently prescribing treatment modalities.
While no temporary permits are granted to out-of-state pharmacists, such pharmacists may assist Texas licensed pharmacists during the clinic. Please refer to your department director for a more detailed explanation of your scope of duties.
Physician Assistants
The board does not grant temporary licensure to PAs.  Please note that your skill may be utilized in another area.
Lab Technologists
There is no requirement for licensure for lab technicians/technologists.  Duties will be assigned depending on experience, credentials and training.  Please speak with your department director for a more detailed explanation of your scope of duties.
Barber and beauticians do not have to hold a Texas license as long as they are not charging a fee for services. We would appreciate the participation of experienced and/or licensed barber and beauty professionals.
Please contact Dawn Lewis at 254-317-0381 or for questions regarding other licensed professionals not listed above.
Again, thank you for volunteering for Your Best Pathway to Health – Fort Worth and for being willing to share Christ’s love with the citizens of Texas.