Executive Officers

Lela Gilbert Lewis

Lela Gilbert Lewis, MD, MPH, FACOG

CEO / President

George E. Gilbert

George E. Gilbert


W. Benny Moore

W. Benny Moore


Don Macintosh

Don Mackintosh

VP Spiritual Affairs

Board of Directors

Kathryn Proffitt           Chairman of the Board, YBPTH

Lela Lewis                     President/Chief Executive Officer, YBPTH

Benny Moore               Chief Financial Officer, YBPTH

George Gilbert             Chief Operating Officer, YBPTH

Don Mackintosh          Vice President of Spiritual Affairs, YBPTH

Kimberly Goodge        Executive Secretary, YBPTH

Kyle Allen                      Vice President Adventist World Radio

Tony Anobile               Vice President for Multilingual Ministries North American Division

Ivan Golubic                Vice President Corporate Business Development The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Roger Gallant               NEWSTART Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer of Stallant Health

John Chung                   Board Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon

Angeline David             Director, Health Ministries North American Division

Ken Denslow                 Assistant to the President, North American Division

Steve Dickman             President, Adventist-laymen's Services

Mark Finley                   Assistant to the President for Evangelism, General Conference

Jay Gallimore                Former President of the Michigan Conference

Richard Hart                 President, Loma Linda University

Chris Holland               President/Director,  It Is Written - Canada

Costin Jordache           Director of Communication and News Editor for Adventist Review Ministries

Hana Kahleova            Director of Clinical Research, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Duane McKey               President Adventist World Radio

Jarrod McNaughton    Chief Operating Officer, Inland Empire Health Plan

Denzil McNeilus           President, ASI Missions Inc.

CA Murray                     General Manager, 3ABN Proclaim! Network

Melody Pierson            Manager of Imaging Services, Longs Peak Hospital

Luke Skelton                 Director, Good News TV


Medical Advisory Committee

Fiona Lindo, MD, MPH, Chair

Richard Beckermeyer, DDS

Dennis Benedict, OD

Randy Bivens, MD

Don Bovell, MD

Gayle Daniels, OD

Michael Dehning, MD

Robert Fulford, PharmD

Linda Gilbert, DrNP

Kimberly Goodge, RN

Lester Haag, DPM

Jeff Hardesty, MD

Kelly Kinsley, MD

Lela Lewis, MD, MPH

James Logan, MD

Jason Lohr, MD

Mary McGrew, MT

Keith Menes, MD

Adina Verrett Myles, PT

Melody Pierson, RT.R, CRA

Roger Seheult, MD

Jennifer Stone, DDS

Stephen Waterbrook, MD