Where can I volunteer?

Volunteer Positions are broken down into 8 different categories.

  1. General Volunteer
  2. Dental Support Team
  3. Medical Support Team
  4. Vision Support Team
  5. Currently Licensed Dental
  6. Currently Licensed Medical
  7. Currently Licensed Mental Health
  8. Currently Licensed Vision

What opportunities are available for a general volunteer?

General Volunteer Positions are varied and include the following:

  1. Active Manual Relaxation / Hydrotherapy: No previous experience required to help in this department.
  2. Attorney / Paralegal: Professionals and those interested in helping as legal department host/hostess. (Attorney, Paralegal, Social Worker, Financial Advisor, Accountant)
  3. Beautician / Barber Services: Previous experience in cutting hair, doing pedicures, also those interested in helping as host/hostess for the department.
  4. Central Supply: Organize supplies and help distribute to departments – Organizational skills a plus.
  5. Communication/Audio-Visual: Previous experience requested. (General Communication, Videography, Photography, Story Gathering, Social Media, Audio/Visual, Writing)
  6. Spiritual Care: The Spiritual Care Department works with all other departments seeking the complete restoration of the sick and suffering.  Workers reflect Christ who heals the body, mind, and soul of men. Members of the department are faithful Seventh-day Adventist members with experience in literature evangelism, Bible work, public evangelism and/or personal witnessing.
  7. Children’s Services: Help with children’s programs and activities for Volunteer and/or Patient children.
  8. Clothing Distribution: Organize and help distribute clothing and supplies.
  9. Data Entry / Medical Records: Detail oriented, able to type.
  10. Decorations: Make the arrangements for borrowing plants from a local vendor. Arrange the plants around the venue in the registration, clinic and stage areas where they will not be in the way of the work. Make sure all the tables being used have the appropriate covering.
  11. Exit Management: Verify that all chart paperwork is collected and patients know where to pick up their glasses and lab work post event.
  12. Food Services: Enjoys food preparation and service. Willingness to work with a team. Very Dependable.
  13. Information Technology: Good working knowledge of information technology. Ability to diagnose and repair computer glitches as they arise. (Networking, Technical, General)
  14. Interpretive Services: Able to translate foreign languages with a working knowledge of medical terminology.
  15. Lifestyle: Background in health coaching, nutrition, exercise, general health.
  16. Patient Assistance and Transport: Enjoys one on one interactions with people and making a difference in their life.
  17. Patient Registration: Works individually with patients to help them fill in their registration forms.
  18. Event Services: Help keep the departments safe and secure.
  19. Transportation: Load and unload trailers, operate fork lifts and properly dispose of waste.
  20. Venue Services: General venue help, many varied opportunities her.
  21. Volunteer Services: Help volunteers complete onsite registration process, verify paperwork signed and assist with picking up their polo shirts. MUST BE AVAILABLE THE DAY BEFORE AND FIRST DAY OF EVENT TO VOLUNTEER IN THIS AREA. 

Do I need to have a current BLS or CPR card?

It is not required to have a BLS or CPR card, but it is strongly encouraged. If you are not currently certified, you may find an online course or attend one at your local hospital.

Do I need special skills to be on a support team?

No, support teams training will be done by each department head. If you were previously licensed or choose not to apply for State licensure for this event, we would love your skills in these departments.

Do I need to have an active license to apply for a currently licensed position?

Generally yes. We ask that you have licensure or apply for licensure in the State the event is being held if you apply to work as a currently licensed volunteer.

If you have a retired license – please refer to the links for your professional license on the licensure information page for this event. If your profession allows – you may volunteer as currently licensed. Click here to view the licensure information page.

I have a compact state nursing license – is my license good in Indiana?

Indiana has recently enacted legislation to participate in compact license agreements.  The process may take several months until full implementation. IF you have a compact nursing license, please continue to monitor Indiana licensure.

More information regarding Indiana licensure for nurses can be found at:

What if I no longer see a volunteer opportunity on the registration drop-down list, can I still volunteer for that position?

Unfortunately, some volunteer opportunities fill up quickly. If the position is no longer listed on the drop down list then that position is currently filled. We would love for you to choose another position in which to volunteer.

How old do I need to be to serve as a volunteer?

Those 13 years old and older may serve as a volunteer.  For those 12 years old and younger we have special volunteers opportunities in the children’s departments.

I am volunteering and would like to participate in the services that are offered.  Is this possible?

Volunteers are not allowed to sign in as a patient and obtain services.  If you need to receive services, we would love to have you come to the event, but please do not sign up as a volunteer.