Welcome Volunteers!!

We are so thankful for your interest in volunteering with Your Best Pathway to Health!

Our mission is to share the love of God by providing free medical, dental, and vision services to the great cities of the world. We are able to accomplish this one patient at a time through your earnest prayers, caring smiles, gift of time and hard work.

The registration process is comprised of several steps.

*Please note that most questions have drop-down menus, which are accessed by clicking on the down arrow at the far right of each field.

General information:

Each individual attending (including children registering for the child-care program) must complete a separate application.

*Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to volunteer and must register for the children’s program.

At the end of this section you will be asked to create a login. This login will allow you to sign in to your personal volunteer page, follow your application process, edit your application and receive updates from your assigned departments.

Volunteer Preferences:
Are you applying as a Student Volunteer? If you check “Yes”, to this question – you are requesting to volunteer as a student in your clinical field and in most instances will need your clinical instrcutor to be attending the event with you.

Please scroll through the associated dropdown lists in the application to choose a position that most interests you.

A) General Volunteer – Large selection of volunteer opportunities.

B) Support Team Volunteer – Non-licensed volunteers that would like to serve in clinical areas.

C) Currently Licensed Volunteer –  All licensed volunteers.

*If applying as a currently licensed professional, you will need to provide your current license information and upload a picture of your license.

*If you are not licensed in the State where the event is being held, please review the volunteer resource page to find specific application information and licensure requirements. Please update your application as soon as you receive this new licensure information.

*Please note, if you prefer not to apply for licensing credentials for this event, we would still love for you to volunteer, by applying for a Support Team or General Volunteer position.

Music Ministry: 
If you are interested in participating in music ministry at this event, you will have the opportunity to so indicate in the appropriate field. Each application will be individually reviewed and, if you are selected to participate in this ministry, you will be contacted directly by the Music Department Director.

Event Availability and Volunteer Agreement:
Please select all options that apply regarding your available days to participate. We do ask that each volunteer serve for a minimum of two of the three days to help provide continuity of the care team.

The Volunteer Agreement is a legal document, so please read it carefully. If you agree to all of the stated terms and conditions, please so indicate by entering your initials.

*You must scroll to the bottom of this agreement to enter your initials.


Please carefully review your entire application for completeness.  If all is correct and your licensure information is entered if applicable – please click the SUBMIT button.

If you do not receive an immediate email from Your Best Pathway to Health.  Your application has NOT been submitted. Please review your application to see what is missing and resubmit your application.

Registration Fee: 

There is a $25 registration fee requested to complete the registration process. (For volunteers 13 years old and above)

Click here to  pay registration fee.

Please click the Register Now button below to complete the two steps of the application process.

THAT’S IT! Once completed your application will enter the review process. Please login to monitor your progress. Once your application has been approved, your status will change from pending to APPROVED! After your specific assignment has been approved, the Head of your Department will contact you regarding additional information that may be required for your assigned position.

**Please keep in mind that certain positions fill up quickly. Once the position or specialty is filled, that option will be removed from the drop down menu and you will be asked to select from the remaining options. It is important, therefore, to complete your application as soon as possible.

**Additionally, many hours are required to prepare for each event. In order to allow adequate time for this process, volunteer registration will be closed 7 days prior to the beginning of an event.  Due to orientation time needed for departments, there will be no onsite registration available.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process please email us at info.ybpth@ybpth.org.  If you plan to come with an RV please click here to receive information about RV Parking for this event

Thank you for volunteering with Your Best Pathway to Health! Please continue to check the Pathway to Health volunteer website for updates regarding this event as they become available.  

“It is heart missionaries that are needed. He whose heart God touches is filled with a great longing for those who have never known His love. Their condition impresses him with a sense of personal woe. Taking his life in his hand, he goes forth, a heaven-sent, heaven-inspired messenger, to do a work in which angels can co-operate….He will make the weak strong, because they trust in Him to do for them that which they cannot do for themselves. God will accept the wholehearted service, and will Himself make up the deficiencies.” Ministry of Healing, 150.

Our Mission
To share the love of God by providing free medical, dental and vision services to the great cities of the world.

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